Simply Woven and More

Spinning, weaving, knitting and working with felted woollen materials. I also hook pictures with hand spun wool.
Sandra Rodwell
Blending different fibres into light and lofty batts and then spinning these batts into yarn can prove to be quite a meditative activity.  The panoramic views of the Northern Isles from my crafting space no doubt enhance this process.  The resulting stash of colourful hanks of yarn is a joy in itself. Weaving and knitting useful garments with my yarn, such as hats and scarves, is a satisfying process. No two garments are ever the same.
I also use my yarn and a rag rugging technique to create pictures of different sizes and subjects.  To my delight, I have found that felted woolly jumpers lend themselves to hats, scarves, bags and brooches providing a different dimension to my crafting experience. I feel privileged to have the time to explore my interest in natural and synthetic fibres, colour and texture in the way I do.  I have studied different aspects of art and design through various short courses provided by Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, The Open College of Art and Design and Orkney College.  Being part of a creative and supportive community enhances my crafting experience. 
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