Ceramics, Glass & Stone

As well as members working with wood, we have other crafters working in ‘hard crafts’. Recently joining us, Mohamed Alhady is a practiced ceramicist who makes a wide and impressive range of products both decorative and practical.

An increasing number of members work in another hard craft material. Glass is used in a variety of ways to make some quite stunning jewellery, table ware and representational art. Sea glass, fused glass, stained glass and painted glass products can be found both here on our website and at our fairs and exhibitions.

We can now add stone to our category. Swartland Slate produces a variety of unique eye-catching and interesting homeware products such as trays, cake-stands and clocks.

Quoyloo Seaglass

Quoyloo Seaglass

Glass work
Swartland Slate

Swartland Slate

Slate decoration


Sea glass jewellery

Orkney Molten Glass

Beautiful Glass Products