Liz Rickard

Art and Fused Glass Art
Liz Rickard

“I was born in the north-east of England and finally moved to Burray in Orkney in 2012 having first fallen in love with the islands many years before. Being unable to work for a while due to a knee injury I took up painting as a hobby. From then on my creative life took me on a new and wonderful journey.

My art is inspired by the unique Orcadian landscapes, flora, fauna and traditions expressing the fun, colour and vibrancy they evoke. Orkney is known for its diverse and unpredictable weather which I capture in its wide-ranging impact through, for example, windblown clothing, bracing winds, seagulls tumbling, puffins, animals and people I have met, as well as a girl in stripy leggings (my signature logo).

My work has been displayed at several local exhibitions over the years and I have held a solo exhibition in Kirkwall. My studio has panoramic views over the beautiful Scapa Flow.”

Liz has started fusing leaves, and feathers into glass. At the moment Liz’s experiments are made into soap/key dishes and coasters. A family ‘commission’ will be Liz fusing her daughter’s wedding flowers in glass. What a lovely way to preserve a memory. I would think she will be open to other commissions. 

LOCATION Gillie Trang Burray, Orkney KW17 2SY
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