Made of Metal

Silversmith and Jewellery
Fiona Lennox
My name is Fiona Lennox – I make artisan sterling silver jewellery, crafted from sheet metal, I cast nothing so each piece is one of a kind. I often use semi-precious stones in my work. I take influences from my life – from my time growing up in cities I find inspiration from an industrial world & my time spent in Orkney I get natural, ancient & mythical inspiration. I use these avenues to explore a world created in silver & stone.
As afore mentioned I do not cast anything so I’m not limited to where my art can take me. I create customised pieces with you in mind & you as part of the process – I can take photos & videos of the creative process – these are available to the individual whom the piece is for. In this way you can see the workmanship that has gone into your very own bespoke item. I also include these on my Facebook page to help others find inspiration for their own commission. I often help people with the design process with a few questions about the person the item is for – i.e favourite colour (can help when picking semi-precious stones) hobbies (can help with ideas for the theme of the piece) I’m registered with Edinburgh Assay Office – I have my very own makers mark which gets stamped on each piece alongside the hallmark. So you can be safe in the knowledge that my silver is sourced responsibly and up to industry standards.
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