Brian Case
Brian Case is a pyrography and mixed-media artist living in South Ronaldsay, and has sold examples of his work all around the world. Pyrography, (from the Greek “Pyros” – to burn, and “Graphos” – to draw or write) is the art of burning the subject into the media. Brian uses wood exclusively, but leather, paper, bone or horn are other materials which others pyrographers frequently use.
I have developed a new (and stunning) way of making my pens. Wood is becoming increasingly expensive, so I started to make some pens from resin. I then realised I could incorporate sea-shells and sea glass into the mould and turn that on the lathe to form the pen bodies  I even had to develop my own tools for this as the very hard shell and glass destroyed the cutting edges of my regular tools, and there is nothing available “off the shelf”. The resulting pens are not only stunning, but unique – I cannot find anyone else who makes pens from genuine sea-shells, or turned sea glass. As well as my listing on www.orkneyartsandcrafts.com   I have an online shop at https://folksy.com/shops/UpperCaseCraftwhere there is more information on how I make my pens, and all my current available stock can be seen and bought. 
PHONE Mobile: 07505 043571