About us

Welcome to Orkney Arts and Crafts.

Orkney Arts and Crafts has grown from strong, well-established roots. The inaugural meeting of the Orkney Craftsmen’s Guild was held in June 1967. The original Guild was a stepping stone for several Orkney businesses, but there has always been a place for the smaller designer-maker artists and crafters.

Approaching its fortieth anniversary in 2007 the membership felt that although the basic model still held true, it was time for a few changes. Our name needed to reflect the full membership including artists, and of course that many of our members were craftswomen not craftsmen! After much discussion it was decided we should have a name that just says what we are. Orkney Arts and Crafts.

Knitted brooches

The traditional crafts of straw-work, woodwork and yarn-crafts are still represented and it is wonderful to see that older members have passed on their skills through workshops and the Orkney Island Council Continuing Education daytime and evening classes. Our members have also been involved in working with youth groups, and have put on demonstrations of craft at craft fairs, shows and other events.

Our continuously evolving organisation sees members come and go but remains a strong well-supported group where each one of us is constantly refreshing and developing our skills. New ideas, styles and items are frequently added to our products so it is worth a regular look through the members’ galleries.

But there is something that the passing years has not changed … our high standards… so you can be sure of the quality and affordability of goods from Orkney Arts and Crafts.