Paper & Straw

Members’ art pieces often sell quickly and many will make prints and cards of their work, so if you like a particular member’s work you can enquire whether they also produce such items.

It isn’t rare these days to see ‘paper’ used as the medium for beautiful collage and cutwork pictures and the reasonably new art of ‘zentangle’. All these art forms produce wonderful representational art as you may never have seen it before.

Straw-work is a traditional Orkney craft, and has been used for everything from storage boxes, baskets and trays to furniture, the ‘Orkney Chair’ being much sought after. We have members who have learnt this craft and still teach it to maintain the tradition.

Dawn Wylie

A variety of handmade crafts
Marion Tait

Marion Tait

Jewellery, Cards and Paper crafts

Sandra Higgins

Cards, Paper Crafts, Straw Work and Traditional Crafts