Orkney is not known for its trees – but contrary to popular belief there are many on Orkney. We even have some vestigial ancient woodland on the island of Hoy. And beachcombing has provided the islanders with timber throughout history. There is a long standing tradition of woodwork, often recycling used timbers, beach finds or offcuts from other projects. Of course the starting point for Orkney chairs is a framework of wood.

Within Orkney Arts and Crafts you will find members who make furniture including stools, benches and ‘creepies’. In an age where it is possible to get exotic non-native timber, smaller items, such as boxes, bowls, clock surrounds, candlesticks, and jewellery, become works of art in themselves.

Peedie Box Company

Peedie Box Company

Wood turning

Rural Horizons

Willow weaving and knitting
Billy Jolly

Billy Jolly

Traditional Crafts and Woodwork

Sandra Higgins

Cards, Paper Crafts, Straw Work and Traditional Crafts

Cromarty Crafts

Driftwood, Ropework, Nautical themed Decorations and Semi Precious Jewellery