In this category we are including any art or craft items involving the use of fabric. This covers a host of skills and products from whole-cloth quilting, to piecing and patchwork. Our members can offer beautiful baby garments, one-of- a-kind patchwork and appliqué cushions, fabric collage pictures, bags, toys, jewellery and almost anything you can think of made from fabric.

It offers scope for recycling and upcycling and members are justifiably proud of their inventiveness when it comes to re-using otherwise wasted items. Thriftiness is part of our nature.

Dawn Wylie

A variety of handmade crafts

Isle of Auskerry

Unique sheepskin rugs, pure wool yarns, exclusive knitting and crochet kits and luxurious blankets in natural colours from our flock of seaweed–eating sheep.

Orkney Star Island Soap & Textiles

Soap, Textiles, Felt, Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing
Georgina Low

Georgina Low

Knitting, Needlework and Textiles
Owld Granny

Owld Granny

Moira has been creating beautiful textile designs all her life,


Bobbin Lace, Patchwork and Quilting, Knitting, Crochet


Jewellery, Needlework and Textiles