Glass, Metalwork and Stone

An increasing number of members work in ‘hard craft materials.’ Glass is used in a variety of ways to make some quite stunning jewellery, tableware, and representational art. Sea glass, fused glass, stained glass, and painted glass products can be found both here on our website and at our fairs and exhibitions. Also, look out for Tracey of TPArtistry. She has added engraved glass to her art offerings.

Recent additions to our ranks include Len Cummings of ‘Circle Stone Mosaics’. Using slate, stone, vinyl, and ceramic tiles, he has a ‘smashing’ time and turns the pieces into wonderful mosaic pictures. Another recent member, James Thomas, ‘JESTengineering’ has added some beautiful metal sculpturing to our ‘hard crafts’ category.’


Glass Engraving and Acrylic Painting
Quoyloo Seaglass

Quoyloo Seaglass

Glass work