Black Bunny Crafts

Weaving, Crochet & Watercolour Pencil Art
Kerry MacAulay

I have always enjoyed one sort of crafting or another, but it wasn’t until I moved to Orkney in 2015 that my crafting journey really began in earnest. It all started with some gifted yarn and an inherited crochet hook.

Since then I have taught myself how to weave. I own five different looms and I create handwoven scarves, wraps, wall hangings and a variety of straps.

I have also taught myself to spin and use my own yarn in some of my weaving.

I combine my love of Orcadian wildlife with drawing, creating original drawings, prints and cards.

I am happy to take commissions.

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook as Black Bunny Crafts.

PHONE Mobile: 07952 040797