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Our first jubilee exhibition…

Our very first jubilee celebration event opened at For Art Sake (Bridge St., Kirkwall) on Thursday April 6th. It is a ‘Past and Present’ exhibition showcasing present members’ lovely work in a diverse variety of media, and including some archive material from the inauguration events in 1967. It is impossible to pick out any individual pieces for mention as we are a talented crew and the techniques and materials used  cannot be compared one to another. You will just have to go to see it all for yourself.

Unfortunately the size of the gallery space has meant we cannot also exhibit some wonderful original creations from present members as they started their creating and crafting lives. We might manage to show,  “one I made earlier”, at other venues during the year, so watch this space.

The Past and Present exhibition runs at FAS until Saturday 29th April and that is the date of our first craft fair of the jubilee year in the Town Hall, Kirkwall Community Centre, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

(Disabled access by lift from the foyer).